IBE- BVI has a fully independent calibration service and guarantees that all measurements are performed in a complete objective way. IBE-BVI  can come on site to calibrate your equipment. This for the basic equipment of paper and corrugated board as well as for balances and thickness gauges.  For L&W equipment IBE-BVI can also provide preventive maintenance and adjustment. In addition to these equipment  it is also possible to control temperature and climatisation, e.g. 23°C / 50%RH and other.

  • Calibration of the following equipment:

    • Tensile tester / Crush (up to 500N)
    • Compression (up to 50kN)
    • Scales  (up to 20kg)
    • Thickness gauge  (up to 20mm)
    • Puncture resistance (paper & corrugated board)
    • Bursting strength (Elmendorf principle)
    • 2 (4)-points bending
    • SCT-tester
    • Bendtsen  (1000ml/min)
    • Climate chambers (-80°C - +120°C) (30%RH – 90%RH)
    Specific equipment: on demand