IBE-BVI is taking the lead with regards to opening up markets for recycled materials

On June 21st and June 22nd 2018, IBE-BVI organized as the Target group plastics’ convenor, the first international and informal brainstorm with regards to the review of the ISO 16103 standard - Packaging -- Transport packaging for dangerous goods -- Recycled plastics material.
Europe has been focused since a while on the realization of a circular economy and in this respect new markets for recycled materials will need to be found.
The industry quickly caught up with this and is busy developing new packagings - made with recycled plastics - specifically designed for the transport of chemicals.
The issue with this is that the UN legislation and the corresponding ADR, RID, IMDG and ICAO regulations, currently only permit postindustrial waste for the production of new packaging.
It was therefore the intention with this first session, together with the raw material suppliers and the packaging producers, to check whether this standard should be revised, or whether a new set of standards regarding recycled materials should be created.

This autumn, IBE-BVI will organize a second brainstorm to which also the other stakeholders that are involved (recyclers, sorting centers, ...), will be invited.