Chemical compatibility: the right plastic package/IBC for your chemical product (*)

Find out which interactions chemicals can have on plastics and how to choose the right packaging for your chemical.


Maxence Wittebolle General Manager IBE-BVI
More than 30 years experience with dangerous goods legislation

09:00  Welcome and coffee

09.30  Introduction

The classification of chemicals in function of interaction mechanisms on plastics

10.00 The certification procedure

Knowledge usefull for buying plastic containers/IBC's
General certification procedure, verification of chemical compatibility of plastic packaging 

11.00 The use of standard liquids: means and goals

12.00 UN marking : the danger of interpretations

12:30   Lunch

13.30 The use of the assimilation schedule: assimilate
          your formulated product with a standard liquid

How do I choose the right plastic container for my product?
Use of the assimilation flowchart
What to do if my product doesn't appear in the schedule and is not assimilated?

15:45 Points of attention

Validity of the certificate & fixed time-use of packages
Reconditionned packages: which dangers?
Inspections for IBC's
Packages made of recycled plastic materials

16.30  End

Extra info:

Included in the price: training, syllabus, coffee breaks and sandwich lunch.

(*) Basic knowledge of ADR legislation required