Practical use of the ADR 2019 regulation concerning the packaging of dangerous goods - Basics

In one day an insight into the structure of the ADR 2019 and the classification of the dangerous goods. Find out the general packaging conditions and the certification procedure to obtain an UN-mark.


Maxence Wittebolle General Manager IBE-BVI
More than 30 years experience with dangerous goods legislation

09:00 Welcome and coffee

09:30 Overview of the different regulations concerning the packaging & transport of  
          dangerous goods

                Relation between UN - ICAO - IMDG - ADR - RID
                Structure of the ADR / Modifications 2019
                Classification of dangerous goods

10:00 Packaging of dangerous goods

                 How to find the adequate authorized packaging in relation with my product?
                 General packaging conditions
                 Application of the classification table (chapter 3)
                 Practical exercises

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Certification of the packaging and quality control

                 Test programme of packaging for dangerous goods
                 Certification procedure - UN marking
                 Production control

15:45 Warnings during use / Tips & tricks

16:30 End

Extra info:

Included in the price: training, syllabus, coffee breaks and sandwich lunch.